Alex Charlton
Programmer, B.Eng

I’m a generalist who’s working at Foko. I love working with software!

Demo: token

Has this logo been done before? A reverse image search just for logos. My partner and I collaborated to make this project in a couple of weeks using:

  • MongoDb
  • Express
  • Angular
  • Node
  • OpenCV for image feature extraction
  • Deployment to Amazon’s EB

Features a custom algorithm for logo matching with performance critical code written in C++.

Read more about it on my blog

Next steps: improve logo matching.

Special Projects


CAD program for Charlton Building

A custom CAD tool used for designing and optimizing buildings, written in Racket. Features a unique stacking algorithm with backtracking and pathfinding employed to determine optimal solutions.

Developed using a design-by-contract approach, unit testing, and integration testing with a mutation-based fuzzer to ensure reliability.


Open Source Library

Scheme library for game and interactive media development. A meta-project comprised of 14 unique libraries: the highly modular codebase is 75% Scheme, 25% C, fully documented, and features dozens of examples.

Features performance-critical spatial partitioning and frustum culling algorithms implementation based on a survey of the state of the art. Provides a novel high-level interface to OpenGL while maintaining the speed and flexibility of native code; partially achieved with custom code generation.

More about Hypergiant

Other Projects


Generates sites based on arbitrary data in multiple (human) languages, using sandboxing and multi-threading. Written in Common Lisp.

My Blog

Where I write about what I'm working on and what I've learned.

my libraries

All of the open source libraries in CHICKEN Scheme, Common Lisp, and C that I am actively maintaining.

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